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Homemade Festive Flavors: Crafting the Perfect CNY Cookies and Treats


Crafting the perfect array of Chinese New Year (CNY) cookies and treats is a delightful way to celebrate the festive season. In this blog post, we'll explore how to make traditional CNY cookies such as 新年饼 (CNY Cookies), 紫菜饼 (Crispy Seaweed), 青豆饼 (Green Pea Cookies), and 杏仁饼 (Almond Cookies), perfect for adding a homemade touch to your celebrations.

Homemade CNY Cookies

新年饼 (CNY Cookies)

CNY Cookies, known for their variety and richness, are a staple during the celebrations. These cookies can range from sweet to savory, each representing different symbolic meanings and wishes for the New Year. You can explore a range of recipes, from classic butter cookies to more intricate flavors like almond or sesame. These cookies are treats and convey prosperity, health, and happiness wishes.

紫菜饼 (Crispy Seaweed)

Crispy Seaweed is a savory snack that is surprisingly easy to make at home. Its crispy texture and salty flavor make it a perfect balance to the sweeter treats on the table. Making your crispy seaweed allows you to control the flavors and the level of crispiness, ensuring a fresh and delightful snack.

While crispy seaweed may not have direct cultural symbolism for Chinese New Year, its incorporation into the feast aligns with broader cultural values. The contrast of the salty seaweed against sweeter treats symbolizes the pursuit of a balanced and harmonious life in the coming year. Additionally, preparing such dishes at home signifies family unity, a cherished aspect of the New Year celebrations.

青豆饼 (Green Pea Cookies)

Renowned for their distinctive sweet flavor and crumbly texture, Green Pea Cookies are a unique and delightful addition to your Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration. Crafted from finely ground green peas, these CNY cookies boast both a vibrant color and a one-of-a-kind taste. Embracing these cookies in your CNY cookie selection introduces a novel flavor and earns admiration for their melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Homemade CNY Cookies
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In Chinese culture, food plays a significant role in celebrations, and the preparation and sharing of special treats like Green Pea Cookies during the Chinese New Year symbolize good luck and prosperity. The vibrant green color of these cookies may also be associated with renewal and the arrival of spring.

杏仁饼 (Almond Cookies)

Almond Cookies are a must-have for CNY. These cookies are delicious and easy to make with their nutty flavor and crunchy texture. Crafted with a combination of almonds, flour, sugar, and butter, these cookies are not only delicious but also easy to make. The nutty essence of almonds infuses the cookies with a distinct flavor, creating a harmonious blend that captivates the senses.

Homemade CNY Cookies

A requisite delicacy for Chinese New Year (CNY), Almond Cookies are not only delectable but also carry profound cultural significance. Almonds, a key ingredient, symbolize good fortune and happiness in Chinese culture, making Almond Cookies not just a treat for the taste buds but also a bearer of auspicious wishes for the New Year.

Crafting Your Cookies

When making these cookies, remember that each type has its unique preparation method and cooking time. For instance, while almond cookies require a crunchy texture, green pea cookies are known for their crumbly nature. Experiment with flavors and textures to find your perfect batch.

Celebrating Diversity

The beauty of CNY treats lies in their traditional forms and the innovative fusion variations that have emerged. Bakers and culinary enthusiasts have creatively blended traditional recipes with modern tastes, resulting in diverse flavors and textures. For instance, incorporating ingredients like matcha or chocolate into classic recipes can offer a delightful twist to your CNY cookie spread.

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Creating fusion CNY treats can be an exciting endeavor. It allows you to experiment with ingredients and combine flavors from different cultures, adding a unique touch to your celebration. These modern variations are not just about taste but also about celebrating the fusion of cultures and the evolution of traditional recipes. They represent how customs and traditions can adapt and flourish in today's globalized world.


Homemade CNY cookies and treats bring warmth and a personal touch to your celebrations. They are not just delicious but also carry with them wishes and hopes for the New Year. As you embark on your baking journey, remember to enjoy the process and the joy it brings to your loved ones. For more exciting recipes and cooking tips for the festive season, remember to visit bellajamal.com. Discover a wide range of products and ideas to enhance your CNY celebration!

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