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Buttons and Bows Cat Food Review in Malaysia


Cats hold a special place in the hearts of many Malaysians, with their playful antics and affectionate behavior. For cat lovers, prioritizing the best nutrition for their feline friends is crucial. The bond between Malaysians and their cats goes beyond mere companionship; it is a cherished connection that transcends the bounds of a typical pet-owner relationship. In this context, ensuring the optimal well-being of these beloved companions becomes a top priority.

Buttons and Bows Cat Food Review in Malaysia

Among the myriad cat food brands available, Buttons and Bows has emerged as a standout choice, garnering recognition for its exceptional nutritional offerings. This article seeks to delve deeply into a comprehensive Buttons and Bows cat food review, exploring not only the brand's benefits but also dissecting its ingredients and assessing its suitability for the discerning taste buds and nutritional needs of Malaysian cats. As we embark on this journey through feline nutrition, it is essential to understand the unique qualities that set Buttons and Bows apart in the eyes of devoted cat owners in Malaysia.

Understanding Cat Nutrition Needs

Cats require a diet rich in proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. As obligate carnivores, the primary component of their diet should be animal-based proteins. This ensures they get all the essential nutrients for maintaining their health, energy levels, and silky coats. Additionally, cats have specific dietary needs that differ from other domesticated animals, making it imperative for cat owners to be discerning when selecting the right nourishment for their feline companions.

Introduction to Buttons and Bows Cat Food

Recognizing the intricate dietary requirements of cats, Buttons and Bows has positioned itself as a brand dedicated to fulfilling the nutritional needs of cats of all ages. More than just a meal option, it is a comprehensive solution designed to provide a balanced diet, ensuring that your cat not only survives but thrives. The brand has curated a range of products, both dry and wet, meticulously crafted to accommodate various dietary preferences and individual needs.

Buttons and Bows Cat Food Review in Malaysia

Nutritional Value of Buttons and Bows

Buttons and Bows cat food stands out for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients in its formulations. Each recipe is a thoughtful blend of proteins, essential fatty acids, and the necessary vitamins and minerals that contribute to the overall well-being of feline companions. The nutritional composition extends beyond merely sustaining life; it actively promotes and supports health. This includes maintaining a lustrous coat, ensuring the strength of teeth and bones, and supporting optimal digestive health.

Crucially, Buttons and Bows takes a holistic approach by formulating its cat food without the inclusion of artificial colors and preservatives. This conscious decision aligns with the brand's dedication to the long-term health of cats. By eliminating these additives, Buttons and Bows not only prioritizes the nutritional value of its products but also minimizes potential risks associated with artificial ingredients, contributing to the overall vitality of feline friends.

As cat owners navigate the vast array of cat food options in the market, understanding the nutritional philosophy behind Buttons and Bows becomes instrumental in making informed choices for the well-being of their cherished pets. In the next sections, we will further explore the diverse range of ingredients and flavors offered by Buttons and Bows, its suitability for different life stages, and the feedback from the cat owners in Malaysia.

Buttons and Bows Cat Food Ingredients

The range of Buttons and Bows cat food includes multiple flavors and ingredients to cater to the diverse preferences of feline palates. The ingredients list typically features real meat as the first ingredient, such as chicken, fish, or lamb, ensuring high-quality protein sources. Additionally, including grains, vegetables, and essential supplements in the formula provides a well-rounded diet.

Buttons and Bows Cat Food Review in Malaysia

Chicken meal, brewers dried rice, ground maize, chicken fat, maize gluten meal, chicken digest, dried plain beet pulp, fish meal, linseed.

  • Protein 32.00%
  • Fat Content 21.00%
  • Crude Fibres 3.00%
  • Moisture 10.00%
  • Calcium 1.20%
  • Phosphorus 1.00%
  • Magnesium 0.10%
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids 3.10%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids 0.50%

Suitability for Different Life Stages

One of the key aspects of Buttons and Bows cat food is its suitability for cats at various life stages. Whether you have a playful kitten, an active adult cat, or a senior cat with specific dietary needs, Buttons and Bows offers products tailored to each life stage. This ensures that cats receive the appropriate level of nutrients as they grow and their nutritional requirements change.

Buttons and Bows Cat Food: Pros and Cons

  • High-quality protein sources
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Tailored for different life stages
  • Variety of flavors to suit different tastes

  • Availability may vary in different regions.
  • The price point may be higher compared to some other brands.
  • Not universally favored by all feline enthusiasts.
  • Have a strong odor and a bad smell

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Based on customer reviews and feedback, Buttons and Bows cat food is generally well-received in Malaysia, with numerous testimonials consistently attesting to the brand's positive impact on feline health and well-being.

Buttons and Bows Cat Food Review in Malaysia
Before - Button and bows kibbles + other brand

Buttons and Bows Cat Food Review in Malaysia
After - My cat hates buttons and bows

However, some cat owners have raised concerns regarding the composition of Buttons and Bows cat food, particularly when scrutinizing the first three listed ingredients. Notably, customers have cautioned about the potential presence of corn/maize and gluten meal in these top positions, asserting that such components are linked to health risks and labeling them as "cancer food."

Additionally, reservations exist about the use of chicken byproducts as the primary ingredient, leading to dissatisfaction among consumers who anticipated a higher standard from a product labeled as "premium." Furthermore, discontent is expressed by those who feel deceived, especially concerning the disparity between the product being marketed as premium and the reported protein content of 30%.

Another recurring complaint pertains to the strong and unpleasant odor emitted by Buttons and Bows cat food, which some consumers find off-putting. This olfactory concern contributes to a negative experience for those seeking a more pleasant feeding environment for their feline companions.

It is crucial to note that while the majority of customer reviews in Malaysia are positive, there is a subset of consumers, including myself, who have experienced dissatisfaction with the product, particularly concerning their cats' preferences. Read more > Kucing Pun Pandai Memilih Makanan

The testimonials generally convey a shared sentiment among cat owners—that Buttons and Bows not only meets but often exceeds expectations, delivering on its promise of providing nourishment that goes beyond mere sustenance. Positive feedback extends beyond the physical well-being of the cats, often highlighting a positive shift in their behavior and overall vitality. However, my cat has shown a preference for other brands, indicating that individual feline tastes may vary. While many cat owners report positive experiences with Buttons and Bows, it's essential to acknowledge that each cat is unique in its preferences

Comparing Buttons and Bows to Other Brands

In the landscape of cat food brands in Malaysia, Buttons and Bows stands out prominently for its unwavering commitment to natural ingredients and comprehensive nutritional value. While other premium cat food brands exist in the market, Buttons and Bows distinguishes itself by catering specifically to those who prioritize not just premium quality, but also a holistic approach to feline nutrition.

Buttons and Bows acknowledge the uniqueness of each cat, recognizing that they are more than pets—they are cherished members of the family. This understanding is reflected in the brand's meticulous formulation, placing an emphasis on the well-being of cats at every stage of life. The brand's commitment to avoiding artificial colors and preservatives further solidifies its position as a top choice for cat owners who prioritize the long-term health and vitality of their feline companions.

While some other brands may offer premium options, Buttons and Bows cat food goes beyond the conventional, providing cat owners with a reliable and trusted source of high-quality, nutritious, and safe food options. For those seeking a meal and a holistic solution to their cats' nutritional needs, Buttons and Bows emerges as a front-runner in the Malaysian pet food market. As we conclude this exploration of Buttons and Bows cat food, it is clear that the brand's dedication to natural ingredients and comprehensive nutritional value has positioned it as a leader in the pursuit of feline well-being.


In summary, Buttons and Bows cat food emerges as a strong contender in the Malaysian pet food market, offering balanced nutrition, high-quality ingredients, and various options for cats at different life stages. Whether you're considering the Buttons and Bows cat food line or exploring other high-quality pet care items, Bellajamal.com offers thorough reviews of top-notch pet products to ensure your cherished pets receive optimal care.

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