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Guardian & Watson: Your Ultimate Guide to Mega Sales This Chinese New Year


As Chinese New Year approaches, the air buzzes with excitement and anticipation. The festive season is a time for cultural celebration and when major brands like Guardian and Watson offer incredible sales and promotions. This blog post will guide you through the best Chinese New Year Sales and discounts available during this festive season.

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Guardian Sale

Guardian Malaysia steps up its game during the Chinese New Year with its 'Glowing Beauty, Healthy Journey' theme. Their sales encompass many products, offering up to 50% off on cosmetics and skincare items. Imagine getting your favorite beauty masks, lip balms, and hair color products at a whopping 60% off on the second item. Moreover, Guardian isn't just about beauty; they offer a 30% discount on health-centric items like slimming products and vitamins.

Furthermore, Guardian sweetens the deal with an RM20 cash voucher on purchases over RM188 in the health care category. This combination of discounts and vouchers makes Guardian's Chinese New Year sale a must-visit for anyone looking to rejuvenate their health and beauty regimes in a budget-friendly way.

Watson Sale

Watsons Malaysia, another key player in the retail market, presents an array of irresistible Chinese New Year deals. Their promotion extends up to 50% off on various products, including cosmetics and skincare. What's more exciting is their array of special CNY gift hampers, perfect for gifting or personal indulgence. Watsons understands and caters to the festive spirit with thoughtful and affordable options.

Watson Sale also includes buy-one-get-one-free deals, ensuring that customers get more value for their money. Watsons is not just about sales; it's about an experience - an opportunity to explore a wide range of products at prices that bring joy to the festive season.

Shopee Shocking Sale Time

The online shopping sphere is abuzz with the Shopee Shocking Sale Time, adding excitement to Chinese New Year shopping. While specific details may vary, Shopee is known for hosting significant discounts and flash sales. These time-sensitive deals are perfect for snagging your favorite items at a fraction of the cost. Keep an eye on their platform for these special festive deals.

Shopee Shocking Sale Time

Shopee Malaysia platform combines convenience with variety, offering a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of your home. Their Chinese New Year sales allow them to explore various products, ranging from daily essentials to luxurious items at discounted prices.

Chinese New Year Sales

The Chinese New Year season sees a flurry of sales across various retailers. From cosmetics to health supplements, the range of discounted products is extensive. This festive period is an excellent opportunity for savvy shoppers to stock up on essentials or splurge on luxury items at reduced prices.

In Malaysia, the festive season is a cultural celebration and a shopper's paradise. The Guardian and Watson sales are a testament to the festive spirit, blending traditional celebration and modern retail therapy. It's a time when shopping becomes a part of the celebration, adding to the joy and excitement of the New Year.


The Chinese New Year period is a fantastic time for shoppers in Malaysia. With brands like Guardian and Watson offering substantial discounts and deals, it's the perfect opportunity to indulge in retail therapy. Whether shopping for health products, beauty essentials, or just looking to enjoy the festive sales, these promotions are noticed.

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