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andBeyond Phinda Forest Lodge Reopens In The Heart of The Sand Forest in Northern Kwazulu Natal

The conservation-focused luxury travel company, andBeyond, has unveiled the rebirth of one of its hallmark properties, Phinda Forest Lodge, nestled within the &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The property, lauded as one of the first true eco-lodges during its original construction, has undergone an extensive rebuild. The lodge now seamlessly blends modern luxury with sustainable practices, paying homage to its original 'Zulu-zen' aesthetic through a new, elegant, and minimalist interior design.

andBeyond Phinda Forest Lodge

An Eco-Lodge Reinvented

Originally constructed in the early 1990s, Phinda Forest Lodge was celebrated as a pioneering eco-lodge. The recent rebuild, guided by the same sustainable principles, reflects a commitment to conservation. &Beyond Managing Director Kevin Pretorius highlights the lodge's evolution from denuded farmlands to a cutting-edge conservancy.

Designing Harmony with Nature

In collaboration with Fox Browne Creative and architectural designer Jack Alexander, the lodge's interior now features a fusion of Japanese minimalism and local culture. The refurbishment prioritizes existing structures to minimize environmental impact while introducing new fixtures and finishes inspired by the surrounding sand forest.

Phinda Forest Lodge Guest Area Library
South Africa Phinda Forest Lodge Guest Area Library

Phinda Forest Lodge Guest Area Firepit
South Africa Phinda Forest Lodge Guest Area Firepit

Nestled within 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres) of Africa’s last remaining dry sand forest in the north of andBeyond Phinda, the lodge embodies a commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment. Its iconic rooms were intricately crafted in perfect harmony with the existing flow of the forest, and their design has withstood the test of time. Consequently, the existing room structures have been repurposed to redefine the new lodge, ensuring the continuation of the legacy with which it was originally built.

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Preserving a Unique Habitat

Situated within Africa's last dry sand forest, Phinda Forest Lodge prioritizes the delicate sand forest habitat. The refurbishment carefully utilizes existing structures, maintaining the lodge's essence while incorporating elements of Zulu culture and the natural environment into the design.

Elevated Exclusivity and Rehabilitation Initiatives

The lodge's redesign encompasses the addition of a family suite, library, lounge, and improvements to the dining and bar areas. To enhance guest privacy, pathways have been redirected, and a nursery has been established to rejuvenate old pathways by cultivating sand forest tree species.

Phinda Forest Lodge Family Suite
South Africa Phinda Forest Lodge Family Suite

Natural elements from the forest and Zulu culture have been integrated into the rooms through the use of tactile textures and natural materials such as woven matting, textured grasscloth wallpaper, hardwood floors, and natural stone tiling in the bathrooms. The rooms have been reconfigured within the existing structures, creating a more comfortable layout that optimally utilizes the existing space while maximizing the connection to the forest through expansive views.

Phinda Forest Lodge has consistently offered guests an exclusive, private experience immersed in the sand forest, and this has been further enriched through the redirection and reduction of pathways to and from the rooms. To contribute to the rehabilitation of the old pathways, &Beyond established a nursery that cultivates sand forest tree species, subsequently planted along the trails.

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Immersive Experiences and Unique Adventures

Phinda Forest Lodge offers exclusive experiences rooted in conservation, including initiatives focused on white and black rhinoceros species and Temminck’s ground pangolins. Guests can also embark on a Zulu Village Tour, ethically immersing themselves in traditional Zulu culture. The lodge's unique positioning allows for extraordinary adventures like diving at Sodwana Bay and witnessing turtle nesting along the Indian Ocean coastline.

Phinda Private Game Reserve Drive
South Africa Phinda Private Game Reserve Drive Cheetah

Beyond Expectations, Beyond Luxury

With its diverse offerings and the newly refurbished Phinda Forest Lodge, &Beyond continues to exceed guest expectations, delivering experiences that not only define luxury but also contribute to a better world.

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