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How to Set up a Conference Call on an iPhone and an Android

How to Set up a Conference Call on an iPhone and an Android | The idea of remote work is now both possible and simpler thanks to modern technologies. Using conference calls to communicate with numerous individuals over great distances is a crucial aspect of remote working. To make sure you can connect with coworkers without regard to geography, it's crucial to know how to conduct a conference call. In this article, we will look at how to use mobile devices for conference calls, describe the features of an iPhone conference call, talk about what a conference call is, highlight preparation advice, discuss professional conference call etiquette, and offer advice on selecting conference call hosting services.

How to Set up a Conference Call on an iPhone and an Android

How to make a conference call

Depending on your device, you can perform a conference call by following these steps:

1. On an Android phone

How to Set up a Conference Call on an iPhone and an Android

Call a participant: Place a call to a participant's contact number. You can look it up in your contact list or manually input the number if you have it saved.

Add call: Click the "Add call" icon on your screen after connecting. The "+" icon is introduced by this functionality, which also momentarily stops the call you are currently on.

Add an extra participant: Dial the second contact and wait for them to answer while the call is momentarily put on hold.

Merge calls: After they have responded, use the "Merge" icon to combine the two calls. When this occurs, both calls merge into one, and the screen displays "Conference Call" on it.

Mute call: While on the call, you can control calls on your end by using features like the "Mute" icon. When you're not speaking, you can do this to turn off your microphone.

2. On an iPhone

How to Set up a Conference Call on an iPhone and an Android

The iPhone is a two-line smartphone that can enable a conference call with up to five participants and another call on a different line. The instructions below can be used to set up an iPhone conference call:

To contact a participant: Call one of the participants' numbers.

Include an extra participant: Select the "Add" symbol and dial the second recipient while it is still on the dial. The first recipient is put on hold while you call the second recipient after adding the second participant.

Combine calls: Select the "Merge" icon to combine both calls when the second recipient answers the call.

Add more people: Repeat the first two steps to include more participants.

Features of an iPhone conference call

More features are available on the iPhone for conference calls. You can click the "Conference" button and tap the red circle in front of the phone graphic next to the recipient's number, for instance, if you want to disconnect one caller from the call without terminating it for everyone. The "End Call" symbol can then be clicked to end the call.

The option for a private call inside a conference call is another intriguing feature. To do this, select "Conference" and then "Private" next to the number you wish to contact for a private conversation. By pressing the "Merge" icon, you can leave the private call and join the conference call again.

Understanding what a conference call is
A conference call, commonly referred to as teleconferencing, is a call where more than two people are speaking on the phone at the same time. Although the majority of mobile devices have built-in software that only permits up to five or six callers, other commercial websites and mobile applications allow for additional callers. The objective is to make it simple for many individuals to converse across numerous locations and time zones.


Tips for preparing for a conference call

How to Set up a Conference Call on an iPhone and an Android

Here are some ideas to keep in mind if you're setting up or joining a conference call for the first time so that everything goes more smoothly for you:

Consistent network connection
You need a solid network connection in order to set up or join a conference call. This is because a shaky network connection could result in technical problems that prevent you from connecting in the first place or could even cause the call to get cut off in the middle. You can consult other users to confirm that your intended network connection will function properly where you are.

Setup for the audio and video
The majority of conference calls require you to turn on your audio, but not all of them do the same for your video. You can find out if your video is needed for the call while getting ready for the conference. If you need to use video, be sure that both the audio and video functions are working.

Participants in the group
Consider the number of participants you plan to host if you start the conference call. Checking whether the quantity falls within the range of participants permitted on your mobile device is the goal. In a similar vein, managing and planning a conference call with numerous participants can be challenging. To ensure simple management of the call, think about holding calls with only pertinent colleagues.

Using a landline
For conference calls, landlines offer a superior sound quality than smartphones. Additionally, though it's uncommon, some hosting services support telephone conference calls. If a landline is required to complete the conference call, think about it.

Guidelines for conference call conduct

In order to be as prepared and professional as possible, you should take the following phone etiquette advice into account before scheduling a conference call:

Verify that no technical problems exist. In order to prevent delays caused by technical difficulties, be careful to review the site you intend to use and try to log in a few minutes prior to the meeting, just like you would for a traditional business meeting. Furthermore, before you log in, make sure you have the meeting's agenda and suggested subjects.

Make sure all of your electronics are fully charged. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged before starting your conference call to avoid having it shut down in the middle of the conversation. As an alternative, make sure your gadget is plugged into a reliable power source for the duration of the conference.

Set your phone to silent mode. Make sure your notification ringers are off and that no other calls can interrupt to avoid internal distractions from your device. Additionally, you can turn off alarms that may have been previously set on your device and disrupt the conference call.

Make sure the area is peaceful. It's crucial that your surroundings are distraction-free when you hold your conference call so that you can focus on the conversation. If you want to make sure no unintentional distractions occur during your call, you may always let everyone know ahead of time.

Identify yourself and other people. Before the meeting starts, it's crucial to introduce yourself and any other speakers on the call. Wait until someone is done speaking before requesting an introduction if they start speaking without one.

Don't use the speakerphone feature on your phone. This works well for hands-free calls, but it shouldn't be used for conference calls because it might lower the audio quality. As an alternative, you can assure a seamless call with excellent audio quality by using decent headphones.

If you're not speaking, turn off your audio. Sometimes, you might be listening in on a conference call. It's best to muffle your device in this scenario to prevent the speaker and other listeners from being taken off the call.

Notify participants by email. It's best to organize a conference call in advance of a meeting if you're hosting one. Additionally, it's advisable to send sufficient reminders prior to the set meeting time to ensure full participation and on-time arrival.

Promote involvement. It's a good idea to invite other participants to talk while you're the conference call's host in order to encourage them to express their ideas and opinions. In such meetings, encouraging collaboration encourages the team to come up with ideas and gives your less confident colleagues a chance to speak up.

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