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MAGGI SAH Malaysia 2022 : The 12 Food Operators of MAGGI® Kembara DuniaKu

MAGGI SAH Malaysia 2022 : The 12 Food Operators of MAGGI® Kembara DuniaKu | About MAGGI® SAH Malaysia! 2022 With a presence in Malaysia for 51 years dating back to 1971, Mi MAGGI® has assimilated into the lives of many Malaysians with its wide range of culinary products, living up to its brand promise of “You and MAGGI®, Cook The Difference”. Returning for the 3rd year, the MAGGI® SAH Malaysia!, the campaign celebrates the love and special moments of MAGGI® with its consumers over the years.

MAGGI SAH Malaysia 2022 : The 12 Food Operators of MAGGI® Kembara DuniaKu

Themed DuniaKu Bersama MAGGI®, SAH Malaysia! 2022 recognizes, celebrates, and rewards MAGGI® culinary talents and innovations, paying tribute to out-of-home food operators (warung and food stalls).

MAGGI® SAH Malaysia! the campaign, which was held in conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day, culminated with the grand finale media event held on 20 October 2022 at the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC).

The two-month-long campaign kicked off with a travelogue, Kembara DuniaKu, which unearthed the most viral MAGGI® dishes by warungs and food operators nationwide. This eventually led to the search for the most creative MAGGI® noodles creation amongst consumers and food operators, themed ResipiKu DuniaKu and Resipi KreatifKu, respectively.

MAGGI SAH Malaysia 2022 : The 12 Food Operators of MAGGI® Kembara DuniaKu

MAGGI® is committed to bolstering culinary innovations and businesses amongst Malaysian food operators, in collaboration with the Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran Muslim Malaysia (PRESMA) and the Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran India, Malaysia (PRIMAS).

Below are the 12 food operators and their signature MAGGI® recipes featured in the Kembara DuniaKu travelogue.

The 12 Food Operators of MAGGI® Kembara DuniaKu

North Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang

• In operation for 20 years.
• Owner: Zurina Binti Mat Sa’ad (Mak Lang)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Kuah
• Daily sales: As many as 2 boxes of MAGGI® noodles

Her late husband started the business while she prepared the ‘kuah’ from home. The couple went on to create their first MAGGI® Kuah recipe. She sold MAGGI® Kuah, MAGGI® Kuetiau and MAGGI® Mee Goreng. The MAGGI® dishes are served as balanced meals with MAGGI® noodles, eggs, vegetables, and fried chicken.

Kuah recipe: Stock, water, sambal, soy sauce, special peanut sauce, MAGGI® Kari seasoning.

North Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

• In operation for over 20 years.
• Owner: Yunus Khan bin Ahmad Shah (Mamu)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Goreng Jiao Sai

Mamu started his business in 1989 on a 3-wheeler and went on to rent a stall at a Chinese coffee shop at Pulau Tikus in 1995 where he sold mee goreng mamak along with MAGGI® noodles. In the year 2000, Mamu opened his own shop on Penang Road serving MAGGI® Goreng and soup.

After a few years, with trees and the resultant bird droppings around his shop, his predominantly Chinese clientele began referring to his restaurant as Jiao Sai (bird droppings in Chinese). This name eventually stuck to his restaurant and inspired the signature MAGGI® Goreng Jiao Sai.

Mamu uses his own special ingredient in addition to the MAGGI® Kari seasoning and serves it up with telur mata and chicken, but the secret ingredient is ultimately his wokhei.

East Kota Bharu, Kelantan

• In operation since 2008.
• Owner: Fadzillah binti Abdullah (Kak Zah)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Telur Sotong
• Other special items: Ayam & Daging Bakar, Telur Sotong Kunyit.
• Daily sales: Up to 5 cartons of MAGGI® noodles

Kak Zah started her business by making MAGGI® Tomyam but decided to change it to MAGGI® Telur Sotong (using MAGGI® Kari) after her daughter advised that TomYam alone was too common. Kak Zah obtains telur sotong from local suppliers in Bachok. o Kak Zah charges RM10 for a generous bowl of MAGGI® Telur Sotong which comes with squid eggs, lobster, and (chicken) egg.

Secret ingredients: MAGGI® Kari seasoning, MAGGI® CukupRasa, and MAGGI® Chilli Sauce.

East Kampung Tok Jembal, Kuala Terengganu

• In operation for 6 years.
• Owner: Wan Ahmad Faizul bin Ahmad Azahar (Jijo)
• Popular items: MAGGI® Buluh, MAGGI® Seafood Janda Anak Ramai, MAGGI® Nyior Muda
• Daily sales: Approx. 5 cartons of MAGGI® noodles

Jijo runs the business with his wife, Nur Shella Binti Abdullah. After three years of setting up their MAGGI® stall, business was tough which led to a change in the menu to nasi lemak. When the MCO hit, they restructured the menu and reintroduced MAGGI® into the menu – and went viral for their MAGGI® Buluh and MAGGI® Nyior / Kelapa Muda.

Their iconic MAGGI® Seafood Janda Anak Ramai, specially made with a variety of seafood such as prawns, crab, squid, clams, and lala with the gravy cooked in bamboo can serve up to 4 people and costs around RM40 to RM50.

Central Batu Caves, Selangor

• In operation since 2017. • Owner: Mohd Fazil bin Hashim (Pokli)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Celup
• Daily sales: Approx 2 cartons of MAGGI® noodles

Pokli started as a street stall with two tables but as his clientele grew, he opened up a restaurant in Batu Caves. Pokli went viral in 2019 and his customer base increased tremendously, leading to the establishment of the first franchise outlet. The main outlet is located in Batu Caves with franchise outlets based in Petaling Jaya and Setia Alam. A standard bowl of MAGGI® Celup with meat inside is priced at RM5 per bowl.

Recipe: Add garlic oil, pickled chili liquid, fried onions, peanuts, pickled radish, beef meat, and beef stock as the soup base with the addition of blanched kangkung and tauge, topped off with spring onions, celery leaves, coriander leaves, and MAGGI® Kari seasoning.

Central Desa Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

• In operation since 1997.
• Owner: Sauban Ali (son of the late Mr. Ayoob Khan, founder)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Goreng Telur Mata

ABC Food’s Corner, which stands for “Always Best Choice”, was started by Mr. Ayoob Khan, Sauban Ali’s father. Food has been a family business for three generations – Sauban Ali’s grandfather was a nasi kandar merchant in Penang, and his father moved to KL to expand the family business here which Sauban continues till today. Within a decade, the business expanded to 10 franchise restaurants and a food court in Peninsular Malaysia and they celebrated their silver jubilee anniversary this year in 2022.

Recipe: Saute three types of vegetables (cabbage, tofu, and tauge), and add in MAGGI® Kari Seasoning and egg.

South Ley Park Station, Ayer Keroh, Melaka

• In operation since 24 February 2022.
• Owner: Siti Nur A’shikin binti Sadikun (Chef As)
• Popular item: Make Your Own MAGGI® Noodles
• Daily sales: About 80-120 packets of MAGGI® Noodles • Key Highlights:

Chef Az was inspired to start her food truck business after watching families with young kids and the elderly enjoying their MAGGI® noodles outdoors. Patrons can customize their MAGGI® bowl of noodles with the desired flavor, and mix it up with a myriad of ingredients and toppings - ranging from vegetables, eggs, and bird’s eye chilies to sausages, prawns, and meat – to make it a balanced meal.

The price is RM5 per bowl for regular MAGGI® noodles and can go up to RM20 to RM30 per bowl, depending on the ingredients.

South Batu Pahat, Johor

• In operation for 40 years.
• Owner: Allahyarhamah Nuridsazahul Hameed (Kak Mi) 
• Popular item: MAGGI® Racun Gearbox

Other special items: MAGGI® Racun Daging & Ayam o Pioneer of mee racun restaurants in Batu Pahat, the recipe of MAGGI® Racun came from her grandparents who originally sold it at their initial stall in Jalan Sultanah, Batu Pahat, Johor. Kak Mi and her siblings opened three branches – one at Taman Seri Jaya, one near BOMBA Batu Pahat, and Kak Mi’s branch at Jalan Timah Sari. MAGGI® Racun Gearbox is sold for RM18, while MAGGI® Racun Daging & Ayam are sold for RM9.

Recipe: Fry an egg; add in chili paste, signature paste, vegetables, and meat along with its stock and finally, add in MAGGI® noodles.

Sabah Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

• In operation since 2022.
• Owner: Nor Afifi (Kak Fifi)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Ketam Nipah

Fifi started out by selling crabs along Jesselton jetty in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. She went on to sell MAGGI® Ketam to customers at affordable prices as she could source fresh nipah crabs easily in Sabah. While most of her customers are Sabahans, foreign tourists flocked to her stall to try this dish as Jesselton Point is a tourist spot.

Recipe: Saute onion in oil; add in MAGGI® Kari seasoning, crab stock, MAGGI® noodles, vegetables, and tomatoes; and finally serve with lime.

Sabah Perkarangan Masjid Bandaraya Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

• In operation for 7 years (since 2015).
• Owner: Sarifah Aisyah
• Popular item: MAGGI® Goreng Thai

After wrapping up her tudung business, Sarifah ventured into the food business as a means to support her four young school-going children. Sarifah ideated the recipe which uses MAGGI® Kari flavour, mixed with Thai ingredients to retain the original taste of regular Thai instant noodles. Most of her clientele are both locals as well as foreigners, particularly patrons of the mosque.

Recipe: Saute onion; add in blended dry chilli paste, an egg, half the MAGGI® Kari seasoning, vegetables, kaffir lime leaves, seafood, and noodles; and finally squeeze lime to complete the dish.

East Kg. Bukit Marak, Bachok, Kelantan

• In operation for 22 years.
• Owner: Rashidah Daud (Kak Dah)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Tomyam Belut
• Daily sales: Up to 15-20 boxes of MAGGI® noodles

The owner, Kak Rasidah, came up with this recipe when her husband brought home an abundance of eels he had caught. So she decided to add some to her MAGGI® dish to try out a new recipe. Kak Dah sources eel through suppliers from various places such as Vietnam, Perak, Terengganu, Sabah, and Sarawak.

Recipe: Add in some lemongrass to boiling water along with garlic, chopped eels, Holland onion, tomatoes, cauliflower, Kaffir lime leaves, chilli sauce, Tomyam paste, Asam water, oyster sauce, MAGGI® Kari seasoning and finally, add in the noodles.

East Kota Bharu, Kelantan

• In operation since 2010.
• Owner: Ajizah binti Salleh (Kak Zah)
• Popular item: MAGGI® Ketam

Passionate about cooking, Kak Zah was encouraged by her husband to open up a restaurant. Owner and chef, Kak Zah has a secret recipe – a combination of MAGGI® Kari seasoning and MAGGI® CukupRasa.

Recipe: Saute chopped ginger, garlic, and onion in some oil; add in thick curry paste (chicken/beef), some water, MAGGI® Kari seasoning, oyster sauce, crab, MAGGI® noodles, vegetables, tomatoes, pepper, and finally, corn flour mixture to thicken the gravy.

Catch the Kembara DuniaKu MAGGI®, SAH MALAYSIA program every Saturday, 7:30pm on TV3.

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