Resepi KITKAT Nestum Cookie Cups


Resepi KITKAT Nestum Cookie Cups

Resepi KITKAT Nestum Cookie Cups

Masa penyediaan: 15 minit
Masa memasak: 40 minit
Hidangan/Hasil: 24 tart

Resepi KITKAT Nestum Cookie Cups

100g tepung serbaguna
25g tepung jagung
50g gula aising
¼ sudu kecil garam halus (1.25g)
125g mentega sejuk masin (potong dadu)
100g Nestle Nestum
1 biji telur (dipukul sekejap)

6 jejari KITKAT (dicincang)
100g coklat  cip butang
3 sudu kecil Nescafe Gold Granules (15g)
100ml heavy cream

20g Nestle Nestum
4 jari KITKAT (dicincang)
100g krim putar

Langkah Penyediaan KITKAT GANACHE
1. Masukkan krim, cip butang coklat dan KITKAT (dicincang ringan) ke dalam periuk sederhana. Biarkan ia mendidih dengan api sederhana.
2. Setelah mendidih, tutup api dan masukkan Nescafe Gold Granules. Ketepikan.

Langkah Penyediaan Untuk NESTUM COOKIE CUPS
1. Ayak tepung serba guna, tepung jagung dan gula aising ke dalam mangkuk, masukkan garam dan gaul rata. Sapu mentega sejuk ke dalam adunan.
2. Masukkan bijirin Nestle Nestum dan telur ke dalam adunan, gaul hingga sebati menjadi doh.
3. Letakkan doh ke dalam acuan mini tart berdiameter 5 cm, tekan sehingga padat.
4. Bakar tart dalam ketuhar pada suhu 160°C selama 30 minit. Selepas 30 minit, biarkan ia dimasukkan ke dalam ketuhar selama 10 minit sebelum mengeluarkannya dari ketuhar.
5. Tuangkan ganache ke tengah-tengah cawan biskut Nestum yang telah sejuk dan ratakan ganache.
6. Hiaskan cawan biskut dengan krim putar, KITKAT (dicincang) dan Nestle Nestum.
7. Sedia untuk dihidangkan.

KITKAT Nestum Cookie Cups Recipe

KITKAT Nestum Cookie Cups Recipe
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 40 minutes
Dishes/Results: 24 tart

100g All-purpose flour
25g Corn starch
50g Icing sugar
¼ tsp Fine salt (1.25g)
125g Salted cold butter (Diced)
100g Nestlé Nestum
1 egg (lightly beaten)

Ingredients For KITKAT GANACHE
6 fingers KITKAT (Lightly chopped)
100g Chocolate button chips
3 tsp Nescafe Gold Granules (15g)
100ml Heavy cream

Ingredients For TOPPINGS
20g Nestle Nestum
4 finger KITKAT (chopped)
100g Whipped cream

Preparation Steps For KITKAT GANACHE
1. Add cream, chocolate button chips, and KITKAT (lightly chopped) into a medium saucepan. Bring it to be aboil over medium heat.
2. Once boiling, remove it from the heat and stir in Nescafe Gold Granules. Set aside.

Preparation Steps For NESTUM COOKIE CUPS
1. Sift all-purpose flour, corn starch, and icing sugar into a bowl, add in salt and mix well. Rub the cold butter into the mixture.
2. Add Nestlé Nestum cereals and egg into the mixture, and mix until well combined into a dough.
3. Place dough into mini tart molds with a 5 cm diameter, and press until firm.
4. Bake the tarts in the oven at 160°C for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, let it set in the oven for 10 minutes before removing it from the oven.
5. Pour the ganache into the middle of cooled Nestum cookies cups and spread the ganache evenly.
6. Garnish the cookie cups with whipped cream, KITKAT (chopped), and Nestle Nestum.
7. Ready to serve.

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