HKTDC DG Studio Bring A Touch Of Creativity, Quirkiness & Fun Lifestyle Products From Hong Kong


HKTDC DG Studio Bring A Touch Of Creativity, Quirkiness & Fun Lifestyle Products From Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as the unique city embracing both Eastern and Western cultures, is known as the birthplace to many unique homegrown brands that have taken creativity and imagination a notch higher to capture the imagination and satisfaction of end-users.   

Previously in February 2019, a total of 12 Hong Kong lifestyle brands were brought by HKTDC DG Studio to Malaysian consumers. Again, HKTDC DG Studio is pleased to bring 14 Hong Kong lifestyle brands, ranging from houseware, gadgets to gifts and toys for their new exhibition event. To recap the earlier event, you may check-in here > SENTUHAN KREATIVITI & KEUNIKAN PRODUK PREMIUM HONG KONG DI PAMERAN HKTDC DG STUDIO

The 14 DG Studio brands are Artiart, Cardhoda, Eco Concepts, FLUFFY House, Hoobbe, Hyone, Kilovest, Konstar, MH Blocks, Paris Garden, SOAP Studio, Tea Lab, Team Green, and TINY. All of them are very innovative and I really love all the products. To get more information about the brands, let us check it out.

1) Artiart
Artiart is an innovative design household products brand that produces homewares, drink wares and business-related items with creative, quirky fun and colorful take. Its AR Iceberg Suction Cup, with its grip bottom, and 100% leak-proof Elegance Suction Bottle is heaven-sent for accident-prone individuals and are the company’s best sellers. 

AR Elephant Suction Mug, Art-Deer Suction Bottle

2) Konstar
Konstar specializes in small household appliances. Its design innovation simplifies how time-consuming household chores are done. 4 of its products have since been awarded the Red Dot Design Award. The Super Apple Peeler received the Red Dot Award 2014 honorable mention while the Salad Master which clinched the Red Dot Award 2014 is equally genius. 

3) Team Green
For the environmentally conscious, Team Green’s eco-friendly and bio-degradable designer puzzles are made from ethically-sourced wood for gift-giving with a conscience. Its wooden 3D Ferris Wheeler, Music Box and Eiffel Tower puzzles are quite a sight to behold and provide hours of entertainment.

4) Eco Concepts
For the eco-warrior, Eco Concepts bio-degradable cups and creative mugs made from 100% corn husks are attractive, innovative and fun. Its products are a testimony that going green does not have to be boring.

Bio Degradable Creative Mugs

5) Hoobbe
For the ultra-discerning hostess, Hoobbe’s household products are creatively and cleverly designed to make excellent conversation starters when hosting guests at home. Designed with a dash of quirk and fun, its Wooly Pins Pushpin, Floaty Duck Salt & Pepper Shaker, Right Cake Measuring Cups and Thanks Giving Salad Server are bound to arouse interest. 

6) Tea Lab
For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Tea Lab, as its name suggests, indulges in all things tea. Tea lovers will find the process of brewing a cup of tea more fun with the brand’s creative tea infusers and tea making accessories. Its unique tea scoop and infuser are firm favorites. 

Tea Infuser

7) Hyone
Tech-enthusiasts will love Hyone’s range of products. It markets smart and stylish design solutions for all occasions, with its focus on mobile phone gadgets and electronic accessories. It's Chic Crystal Ring that attaches to mobile phones to serve as a phone stand and fall-proof Stand Firm Cup are best sellers. Hyone’s Mini Selfie Stick with Bluetooth remote and mini tripod is highly useful for Instagrammers.

8) Cardhoda
The tech-savvy will love Cardhoda’s range of card protector wallets and name cardholders. It's aluminum case prevents malicious parties from unscrupulously reading cards containing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFD) chips for fraudulent activities.

Card Protector Wallet, Aluminium Double Card Protector

9) MH Blocks
For the young at heart, MH Blocks' micro-sized construction brick toys will indulge the inner-child in us. Its miniature version of the classic HK Kowloon Bus and HK Cross Harbour Ferry are popular items purchased as uniquely Hong Kong gifts.

10) SOAP Studio
SOAP Studio’s collaboration with famous artist B. Wing’s adorable representation of familiar superhero characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman in its gift products and collectors’ items are sure to grab the attention of superhero fans.

11) Kilovest
For those who seek a unique twist in daily items, Kilovest makes various products such as watches, bags and passport holders, all in the ever durable and versatile silicone material.


12) FLUFFY House
FLUFFY House aims to spread joy, warm people’s hearts and bring a smile to their faces with their fluffy plushes of lovable characters and cheerful little animals.  

13) TINY
TINY specializes in Hong Kong feature models, model cars, accessories and scenes to memorialize Hong Kong’s typical constructions and facilities, amidst the fast-changing skylines and scenes in today’s world.

14) Paris Garden
Supporting urban farming, Paris Garden’s home gardening kits allow novice gardeners to grow their own herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers from home. Anyone can have green thumbs with the easy to follow step-by-step guide included in the gardening kits. The brand’s herb growing kits are especially popular with aspiring chefs hoping to keep a herb garden.

I myself already brought some of the brands from Paris Garden, TINY, Kilovest, Eco Concepts and Team Green. For this time I already get the Konstar appliance which is Konstar Master Slicer. Later on, I will review it when I cook my new recipe! Apart from that, I will be hosting a mini giveaway contest for all readers. Just stay tuned!

In conjunction with the coming Christmas, it would be worth to have these Hong Kong brands for Christmas gifts. You may find them here:
  • Pavilion KL – Parkson Elite, Times Bookstore 
  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre – Parkson Elite, Hamleys 
  • Sunway Pyramid – CM3
  • Bangsar Shopping Centre – Times Bookstore 
  • Gurney Plaza, Penang – Parkson Elite 
  • Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru – CM3

X’mas Pop-Ups 
1 Utama Shopping Centre – LG4 (28 Nov – 1 Jan 2020)
Push Cart 
The Starling Mall - PC-11 (9 Dec 19 – 8 Mar 20)
IOI City Mall - LG-C39 (1 Jan – 31 Mar 20)
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    Sabar hati. Jangan terpengaruh dengan bisikan Kak Bell

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