Magnificent! Cré Arts Asia Is LIVE Now!

Hi Everyone! The showcased of Cré Arts Asia has happened yesterday for the 1st time in Kuala Lumpur! For your information, Cré Arts Asia is Southeast Asia’s largest modern circus troupe and currently performing at KLPAC started from yesterday 29th of September 2017 onwards until the 1st of October 2017. If you want to check out more of what happened at the press conference before, just click here > Cré Arts Asia To Perform At Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)

I was very excited and waited for this show as I am never been to such a great artistic performance before in my life! Have you been once? For those who came here, you can snap the best photo in their photo banner and get your best photos printed! All of us having fun and we've got printed our photos using the Wechat apps. Btw, it's limited to 3 photos only.

The three-day performance dubbed Cré or ‘earth’ in Old Irish, promises spectacular displays of gravity-defying performances and extraordinary feats of the human body, all set within stunningly beautiful backdrops that are a mainstay of contemporary performing arts. Cré Arts Asia is a collaboration between two of Malaysia’s leading homegrown performing arts studios, namely, Viva Circus, an award-winning physical arts theatre company; and Psycusix, Malaysia’s leading modern and contemporary circus performing group. Cre Arts Asia has donated part of the proceeds from ticket sales of RM3000 to International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) Chariofare, the largest fundraising event at IMU.

Sponsors and the donation that presented by Cré

With acts from Earth Chapter part

The performances were amazing and I was impressed with the narrative. The 1st part of the showcased, Cré is primarily themed to showcase the beauty of Mother Earth, interpreting the natural elements of air, water, earth, and fire through the use of the human body as a medium. Throughout the course of the show, the audience can look forward to breathtaking aerial acrobatics, contortions, mesmerizing dance performances and much more. Below are their artistic performances that capture my imagination.

1st Chapter: Air

Here, you can watch the sneak preview on their performance. If you want to see more videos, please visit my IG kay.

2nd Chapter: Water

3rd Chapter: Earth

4th Chapter: Fire

As mentioned earlier, all the acts and performances were great! I've really enjoyed the show till the end and felt it too short! Hehe. It was a really awesome night and absolutely worth for you to watch them perform! As the showcased still ongoing, you still can get your tickets!!

Tickets for Cré are available for RM98 (Fire), RM128 (Water) and RM168 (Earth). Tickets for kids below 12 years of age are available for RM68 (Water & Earth Only). Fire seats are free-seating while Water & Earth seats are numbered. Those who purchase their tickets early, from now until 14 September 2017, can enjoy the Early Bird Promo for only RM108 (Water) and RM148 (Earth). A Special Package Promo is also available where the purchase of five (5) Earth tickets will be entitled to one (1) additional FREE Earth ticket.

Here are the steps guide in purchasing your ticket:
1) Click link here
2) Sign up as member
3) Choose the showtimes
4) Show map to select seat
5) Add to cart & continue to check your purchase
6) Make payment by credit card/pay pal

For tickets and more information on Cré, please visit or contact +60176466469 or email

With blogger friends and Yiki (purple hair)

Special thank you and appreciation for this exclusive invitation to Ms. Racheal Toh from drLife & Foodilifecious, Ms. Angie from Angie Tangerine & Ms. Yiki from Viva Circus.Don't miss out their performances before 1 October 2017. Come and support since this is their first time performing here in MALAYSIA. Book your ticket now for their last day of showcasing tomorrow!

Bella Jamal

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  1. Alaa...dah habis dah eh...tapi tgok video kat atas tu semua menarik..untung bella dapat invitation...

  2. Ruby suka art. Seni ni memang terapi untuk ruby. Dalam keluarga ruby, ruby sorang je minat art. Ni bila dah kawen dan ada anak, nak layan pi tengok art memang payah. Pernah bawa mereka, mereka teruja sebab orang boleh bergayut aje. Bukannya nak nampak bagaimana badan kita boleh menjadi materpiece utk sesuatu art. Maybe mereka akan belajar juga suatu hari nanti. Hahaha.

  3. Dah lama tak pergi event macam ni. suka kalau dapat pergi.

  4. wah teringinnya nak tengok secara live 😁 thnkyou share video tu

  5. Dah habis dah Kak SA. 3 hari je dorang perform. Rezeki Kak dapat join :)

  6. Nasib baik dapat save video buat tatapan.

  7. Wow unik pula ni. Mesti best kalau dapat tonton secara live

  8. Teringinnya nak tgok persembahan yg bergayut gayut dengan kain tu, selalu tengok kat tv aje. terasa cantikkk sangat. Bertuah lah awak dapat tengok live...jeles akak...huhuhu

  9. Memang best Kak Ruby. Budak-budak pun suka tengok. Betul tu, bayangkan lelaki yang badan besar tu pun, act gegurl dapat tampung. Kena hayati story yang nak disampaikan melalui badan kita as a medium.

  10. ohhh I'm a big fan of theatre and arts, hope i'll be able to catch that performance too!

  11. Wah rajin dia rakam satu per satu persembahan... terima kasih.. kita layan je semuanya.. best

  12. Rajinnya Bella rakam semua nie. Mesti teruja kan.

  13. Nanti tak
    tau bila lagi dorang akan perform kan.hehe

  14. Wow... Beautiful performance. I want to bring my children there to watch it too.

  15. amaizing performance! memang sgt pro tgk dorang perform!

    kita tabik spring toiingg toinggg toingg!!

    congrats anyway to the organizer!

  16. Shownya dah habis. Tak tahu bila akan ada lagi. Last day all tickets sold!! Full house.

  17. wah bestnya event ni. Teringin nak tengok live.

  18. teringinnya nak tengok suka show macam ni

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