Lirik Lagu Airliftz Smile Stronger

Lirik Lagu Airliftz Smile Stronger | Hi korang! Kak Bell baru sahaja dengar tentang penyanyi rap & hip hop bernama Airliftz. Rapper dari Malaysia ni baru-baru ni terlibat dengan kempen Smile Strong berkolaborasi dengan jenama Colgate. Kak Bell terkesan bila tonton muzik video Airliftz dan terus buat carian dan dengar lagu-lagu dia yang lain.

Lirik Lagu Airliftz Smile Stronger

Airliftz nama sebenarnya Aliff Shaharom merupakan anak jati Selangor kelahiran Petaling Jaya dan dibesarkan di Kajang. Merupakan anak bongsu dari lima orang adik beradik. Airliftz mula menulis lagu sejak usia 14 tahun dan lebih suka menulis lagu dalam bahasa Inggeris berbanding bahasa Malayu.

Airliftz sentiasa berhadapan dengan situasi masyarakat yang sering melontar dirinya dengan kata cela dan buli. Bila korang tengok video muzik Smile Stronger dan lagu lain korang akan faham. Sis terkesan dan rasa sedih ya. Nurtizen mulut depa memang macam bontot ayam. Huhu.

Smile Stronger Lyric - Airliftz
Composer - Timothy Tatsuro Tsushimi
Author - Airliftz
Producer - Airliftz, Timothy Tatsuro Tsushimi
Engineer - Timothy Tatsuro Tsushimi
Recorded at Aolani Studios

Lirik Lagu Airliftz Smile Stronger

Lift off high, in the air looking up,
I know that I'm gon shine, now you can’t tell me nothing
Everything I’ve been, I got this
Lights on, look whos smiling

Look at me now I'm styling,
Smiling, made outta projects
Praise be to god,
I'm talkin' that walk walk walk,

Walking that talk talk,
Man, I'm not even bluffin,
Momma told me Alif be patient,
There's gon be ya time, ( Yeah, Yeah,)
Triplin' the profit I'ma take what's mine,
Back when I had none, zeros,
They was just laughin at me like, he won't
Make it out the gutter now I'm gettin what I get though,
Two four seven on this, shoot, reload,
I never gon stop, on god, forreal,
Power in me, I'ma take the wheel,
(Shooh,shooh) Swerve, baggin' bills
I got me some things to deal.

Stronger, Stronger
Yea I got that, POWER, POWER, POWER
Running through my veins,
Strong, Stronger, Stronger,
You can’t tell me nothing,
You can’t kill my smile
We’re stronger when we smile

Here's a Lil prayer fore I step outside,
Shine me them diamonds,
The time that I've spent sellin' hours,
I pray that it'
s worth it,
Life that I chose, hope it's workin,
Puttin' a smile through every corner, I know they're lurkin'
All eyes on me huh, the hate that they give is demeaning,
Nah now that's done changed out for good,
I been out from the, now we up in the books
The same paper I've sent out for work, now sending me goods,
I'm livin' lucky, on hunnids, I'm blessed, on god on my blood, gone,

Stronger, Stronger
Yea I got that,
Stronger, Stronger

Official Music Video by Airliftz performing Smile Strong
Music Video Production
Video Editor: Ubaidullah Aidoro
Graphic Design: Walli Khalik
RedRecords Sdn Bhd © 2022

Special thanks to Colgate Malaysia, Reservoir Production, and Ogilvy Malaysia

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