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Travel Insurance Is The Way To Go This Travel Season

With the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that it has become safe once again to travel in the past few months, people are scrambling to make new travel plans again with further precautions. For this reason, it is now more important than ever to ensure your safety as you make new travel plans. Travel insurance will be your best friend in this scenario.

However, you must do some research and make sure you have the right add-ons included in your policy that you will need without running the risk of overpaying. Below are some things to consider when getting travel insurance.

Things To Consider When Getting Travel Insurance

1. Experienced travelers will know this situation very well: When you get to your destination, your luggage doesn’t. So be sure to pay attention to the lost, stolen, or delayed coverage policy, as it is a bit misleading in what types of items you can be reimbursed for if something happens to your luggage. Suppose you tend to travel with more than clothes and toiletries, like a computer and camera equipment. It would be in your best interest to request an expansion on your coverage limits to include high ticket items.

2. Trip interruption coverage would reimburse you if you arrive at your final destination and then suddenly have to return due to an emergency.

3. Suppose you are the type of person who deals with medical issues or is traveling with a senior, then travels medical insurance is a must-have to include in your policy. Not many people know this, but your regular medical insurance has limits outside the country’s borders, while others don't cover you at all when you travel. TMI (Travel Medical Insurance) will reimburse you for medical transport, tests, and treatments wherever you decide to receive them. As an added benefit, if you suffer a terrible accident on your trip that requires significant medical attention–most travel medical policies include accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Have we mapped out a plan?

Have you picked a destination of where you want to travel to? Before choosing and setting a date for your adventures, do some research, read about, and learn the latest official COVID-19 response statements emitted by the country's government to make sure you avoid any and all unnecessary obstacles that might present themselves to an unprepared traveler.

These preparations also now include when you board the plane. At the same time, many people have canceled their trips due to fear of catching the virus in such an enclosed space. Airlines have assured us that the environment is well ventilated and air-tight, which minimizes the spread. That in combination with wearing masks throughout the flight and sanitation, the flights can resume.

While things aren’t as evident as to how to plan ahead, having a solid backup strategy is essential during this period. Even though restrictions are lifting they are not all completely eliminated yet. So be sure you have everything planned out ahead of time now that we have the extra time like clearing up your credit report so you are able to use your rewards cards. Let's make these new trips the best ones they have been in a long time!
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