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Play Classic Games Online For Free During My Lockdown

When movement control order hits (MCO), what do you have in mind? BORINGGGGG, at least that's what I have in mind. I didn't mean to undermine the importance of MCO especially as it is extremely essential in curbing down the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic. But, admit it, boredom will hit you, especially if you are a good citizen like me that behaves under the MCO requirements.

Watched every movie available on TV streaming services, done that, bored. Cannot go out due to specific MCO requirements in my area. Nothing much can be done at home. Boring boring boring! Then I noticed one of my housemates was not even bothered by the boredom. She, the eyes focused on the phone, not even a blink and I have been staring at her for 5 minutes. What could have caught her attention so much, gossip, drama, movies?

As I sneakily got behind her back, to my surprise, it was a game. What childish behavior for a grown-up I think. Because of boredom, I stick with her watching the gameplay. The concept is simple, it was not one of those overly complicated games that would kill all of your brain cells. Looks kinda fun too. Then the story of my game adventure begins.

Try Classic Free HTML5 Games

I visited the Free Games website to try some of the free HTML5 video games there because they provide games without annoying ads and there are no in-game paid upgrades like most of the games exist today. They got a lot of games, and you can choose any games category that suits your play. You can find many classic games that you used to play during your childhood like Tetris, Zuma, Pan-Man, Snake, and so on.

All seems interesting, and I'm seeking for only a simple game to play such as puzzles, quizzes, or logic games. One that has caught my attention is the Shadoworld Adventure game which is inspired by the original Super Mario Bros game. Yeah, the last time I've played any video games might have been 15 years ago.

My top 2 games that I played now are Angry Zombie (inspired by Angry Birds games) and the Waffle word search game. The games are addictive and more importantly, they are extremely fun! No kidding. You just feel like playing it for as long as you can. For the past 3 days, I think almost 8 hours daily I've spent my time playing these games, trying to improve my records. Finally, there is something fun and new for me to do during this MCO time.

Quite challenging due to got time frame to search the words

If one goes to the website, there is a list of games, I noticed that there are some new games that have been recently added as well. It's great to know the website is still alive and is still producing new content. I just found out about the website and its content after all. Still need to do some exploring. If you are not sure what game it is, you can read the comment section. The comments are from other users, it can give you a rough idea of how the game is if you don't want to depend on the description provided by the developer themselves. It's good to seek opinions from others as well. Most of the games are built as lightweight JavaScript applications, so you don't have to worry about the game lag.

No registration required, just play it online on your browser or mobile phone and have fun, that's it. The games are seriously fun and you do not need to spend a fortune to have fun at home, try these games. Seriously, if you are feeling bored and wondering what can you do during MCO, try to look at some games that you might be interested to play the free classic games online. Gamers might have noticed that the games are similar to the games that they have encountered before this, but it is different. Give it a try and see it for yourself.

I'm using Samsung Note 10 to play Angry Zombie

Kills the zombies!!

Given 8 skulls to throw for every level

Honestly, I love this Angry Zombie, I believe all of you can tell the game is similar to the Angry Birds game. It feels great to have that nostalgic feeling playing the game again after so many years. It's like, I'm living my childhood live again for some reason, hahaha.

Only founds 13 words in 2 minutes time. Erkk! 

I for one have just beaten my housemate's record of the game scores, we kinda got competitive and is still trying to improve our scores record. Good luck, and remember, you can still have fun during MCO. Stay safe everyone, we can get through this together, let's stay home and bring the case number down together.
Bella Jamal

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