12 Least My Furkid Habits

Hey everyone! These are randomly behaviours of my furkids. Macam-macam hal. But this is commonly happened la. Let's share your cat habits?

1) Sniffing plant, gardening:

2) Plucking plant:

especially 'daun pandan' & 'daun sup'

3) Am i beauty right?:

Muezza through the looking glass!

4) Where she choose to sleep:

5) Hang out together:

Stares me?

6) Watching tv & movies:

Harry Potter huh?

7) Smartphone savvy:

8) Fishing :

9) Good sprinter:


10) Bookworm:

Smart girl

11) Small den :

Are you looking for mom's lipstick?

12) Be on top:

Still made mommy happy. Still worth it, though!



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