Women Fest Malaysia Pre-Blogger Party 2017

Hi Everyone! Last week I was honored to join the Women Fest Malaysia Pre-Blogger Party, for the sneak peek preview of Women Fest Malaysia 2017, first fashion and beauty event in Malaysia. Really enjoyed the intimate coffee session with lined-up activities such as makeup, makeovers, manicures, pedicures, as well the introduction of WomenFest Malaysia. Happened at nice and ambience Meteora Cafe, USJ Subang Jaya.

I really like the color combinations!

Women Fest Malaysia is the first ever beauty and big vendor shopping event in Malaysia, specifically targeted to Women. This festival is the brainchild conceived by the creators at Firm Motion Sdn Bhd, a locally-based total solutions provider for events and design, in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, MATRADE, and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, with event support by numerous big brands (eg: Cosmopolitan, Women's Weekly, Nails on Wheels and etc.). This year Aishah Sinclair will be the official ambassador of this year's event.

Product from Nails on Wheels

Product range from NITA Cosmetics

WomenFest Malaysia is set to be held in late-October at MATRADE (MECC) Jalan Duta, from 28th-29th of October 2017 in conjunction with the Pink October campaign, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This event will be supporting the campaign by Breast cancer Welfare Agencies in Malaysia. 

The event started with a speech from Sofia Qaisara Chan, Director of Firm Motion Sdn Bhd for the introduction of WOMEN FEST MALAYSIA, the objective, participants and so on. Luckily we have MUA Ummi Nasir for make-up makeover and share some of the beauty and fashion tips and tricks. Btw, Aznita who is the girl behind NITA's Cosmetic looks so gorgeous even before the makeovers! You guys can check here for a short video during the make-up tutorial.

Aznita Azman; NITA Cosmetics founder

Makeover by Ummi Nasir

There will be over 150 retailing booths for skincare and cosmetics, apparel, accessories, health care and spa (among others), by local brands as well as brand participation from Indonesia, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur's most interesting & unique homegrown. This event will serve as a platform for women to experience beauty and fashion tutorials, workshops, as well as share the stage to exchange beauty and fashion tips and tricks.

What to expect at WOMEN FEST MALAYSIA?
  • Beauty and fashion tutorials and workshop
  • Pampering lounge area (manicure, pedicure by Nails on Wheels)
  • Sharing session with selected speakers with knowledge of beauty & fashion trends, the local brand market as well as breast cancer awareness
  • Celebrity pre-loved item auction (sales will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation)
  • Best dressed contest
  • Meet & greet with celebrities and personalities
  • Free breast cancer check-up 
  • Lucky draw & food trucks

Celebrities who attended the event 

From left: Sofia Qaisara Chan (Director of Firm Motion Sdn Bhd), 
Aznita Azman (NITA Cosmetics founder) & Me

There will be many activities such as Breast Cancer Check-up and Awareness, tutorial and info sharing on Fashion and Beauty by celebrities and vendors, pampering services (manicure, pedicure & massage), lucky draws, best dress competition and so on. Besides that, 'TAPAK' also collaborate during this next event by providing the selection of Food trucks and live performances at the food truck area. To enhance the public awareness, WFM will engage with at least 35 social media influencers to collaborate on this event.

Last but not least, thank you for the delicious meals from Meteora Cafe, goodies from UMMA & NITA Cosmetics, Nails on Wheels & Bau Bathe. TQ for the generous sponsors during the event. Don't forget to come and enjoy the event on the 28th & 29th of October 2017 (Saturday & Sunday), from 10AM to 11PM. See you guys there!



Mawardi Yunus said...

wah dah makin jadi professional blogger dah nie. Tahniah keep it up

Daddy KK said...

Hello, hope boleh follow balik untuk lihat produk ekzema.Kalau boleh share kepada mereka yang ada masalah Ekzema. TQ.


Bella Jamal said...

Tq Mawardi Yunus. Masih ingat masa mula-mula berblog atas advise anda.

Bella Jamal said...

Dah follow Daddy KK. TQ

Innanie Ariffin said...

nak kena block date ni. macam menarik! :)

Nur Misnan said...

nice.. wish can join d event..
jauhlah nak mai.. but mayb mana tau balik Msia
kebetulan.. tq darling for sharing here

Bella Jamal said...

Welcome. Bnyk aktiviti khasnya untuk para wanita sempena Pink Oktober ni.

Hasif Hamsyari said...

wah... mesti happening nanti ni! woohoo!


Wahh beatnya women fest

Maha Mahu said...

Wow best party lah ada banyak hadiah dan produk kalau party laki tak ada apa-apa pun ada pun women jer hehehehe..

Bella Jamal said...

Hahaha. Nasib baik persis women ala-ala. Menangis kat bucu katil jap!

Mek Onie said...


Afizah Abd Rahman said...

Best nya kalau dapat join event ni. Tapi since I ada anak kecik ni pergerakan agak terhad sikit :-(

Bella Jamal said...

Ye ke Mek Onie. InsyaAllah jumpa di lain event nanti

Bella Jamal said...

Kak Afizah Abd Rahman betul tu. Mana tahu ada kelapangan masa nanti bolehlah berkunjung :)

Mrs Puex said...

best kalau dapat join event event macam ni.. dapat pengalaman dan dapat kembangkan network rakan-rakan media.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Kita bangga tengok awak makin melangkah lebih jauh. Keep it up.

Amanda Suria said...

Hey...menarik la event ni...hari biasa eh...alaaaaa.....

Bella Jamal said...

Kita pun malu2 juga orangnya. Tapi kenalah adapat dengan situasi kan untuk networking. Tq juga buat korang yang slalu jawab pertanyaan Bella kalau tak tahu. Btw, sis cuba mengorak langkah. Hehe.

Sherry Saw said...

so good to know of this. Next time wanna go womenfest too.


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