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Launching of Japanese Beauty Products Online Shop

Hi Everyone! On the 1st of August 2017 i have been invited to the private launch event of The event happened at  QUADART-11, Petaling Jaya. is an online shop specifically sells the beauty product from Japan. You can find beauty products such as Makeup, Skincare, Beauty, Bath & Body and etc in their website. 

We were welcomed by a live showcase and the concept of Japanese culture with pink and white color themes. In this beauty event, guests experienced the exclusive products of curates with a pampering session. Kaylee Lim, the founder of with a mission to bring the best of Japanese Beauty Product here in Malaysia. 

Kaylee Lim, the founder of

Done with the pampering session, event started with the speech of founder, Kaylee Lim and followed by a speech by Mika Tsuneyoshi from HerbEAU, who shared the knowledge on organic, clean beauty and safe product they invented. Let's check out this video shown at the event.

As part of the Luxella philosophy, they are extremely picky with the organic items that they choose to curate on their site. All products personally been tested to ensure that they work well. As for now, there are 8 brands under which is  HerbEAU, ECOTT COSME, Botanigrace, I'mReady!!, LuluYummy, Wunderbath, Chulala and Gofun Nail (UEBA ESOU). Let's take a look of the products :)

HerbEAU was born in Omura City, Nagasaki at Shinohara Medical Skin Care Clinic. It is the largest "beauty and aging care facility" in Nagasaki. HerbEAU is a brand created to solve many skin problems. The creation of HerbEAU involves physicians and pharmacists in order to create the best skin care line with Japanese and European technology to help women find their best skin. HerbEAU is a multi functional gel (All in one gel) that made from Biwa fruit harvested during the full moon to ensure it is in its optimal nutrient rich state and the water used in this product is sourced from Kyushu mountains.

Ecott Cosme is a new organic line created by Bloom Classic. Bloom Classic has focused on creating skin care and beauty products which are exclusively sold in Japanese Salons and Spas. All Ecott Cosme products are made from plant based materials sourced from the 47 prefectures of Japan. There is absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING (these products were tested on humans).

Gofun Nail (UEBA ESOU)
Gofun Nail ( Ueba Esou ) is a brand that produces water based, natural Nail Polish in Kyoto, Japan. It was originally a paint company that has been around for generations, more than 270 years old.

Using ancient paint making techniques, craftsmen crush leftover scallop shells to create a white pigment - "Gofun". This is then blended by a master craftsman to create pigment colors. Based on this old technique, they've managed to formulate a safe, water based and odor free nail polish formula that is inspired by their pigment collections. This organic, water based nail polish has NO chemical fumes or odors and is perfectly safe for pregnant women and children. Add 1-3 drops of essential oil into the nail polish bottle for a relaxing effect.

Tamahada Hand Cream

HerbEAU & ChuLaLa products

Wonderbath is a handmade bath revolution. They had soap, bath bombs, lipbalm stain with no parabens or other harmful chemical.

During the pampering session, I've tried out the natural water base nail color and also the Wonderbath homemade hand soap. I also met my blogger friends Jessica Tan and Crappy Blogger founder, Chuojashni.

Below are the other beauty products that will curates the Guess what? I am captivated by the Sailor Moon Beauty Cosmetics. All of you must be knowing Sailor Moon, right? ""Dengan kekuatan bulan akan menghukummu!" Haha.

I can't wait to try out their product and will review it soon. For more info you can visit their website and page below. See you again peeps!

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